Daily menu

Soup & main dish 37
Compote 5

Baked pumpkin creamy soup/ indian spices 12 VEGAN, G/F

Tomato risotto/ parmesan 31 VEGE

Turkey goluash/ noodles/ pickled cucumber salad 31

Mushroom soup/ noodles 12 VEGE

Burrito with lentil/ sour cream/ green pea paste 31 VEGE

Eggplant/ minced meat/ tomato/ mozzarella 31

Parsnip creamy soup/ burned white chocolate 12 VEGE

Pad Thai 31 VEGE

Rump steak/ potatoes/ carrot and horseradish salad 31

Tomato soup with rice 12 VEGE

Potato pancakes/ mushroom sauce 31 VEGE

Dumplings with kimchi/ bouillon 31

Cauliflower soup 12 VEGE, G/F

Tagliatelle/ bufala/ cherry tomatoes/ green cale pesto 31 VEGE

Lasagne/ codfish/ spinach/ bechamel sauce 31

Meat patties/ potato puree/ beetroot 31

Thai coconut soup 23 VEGAN, G/F

Chicken broth with homemade noodles 23

Caesar’s salad classic 36
 • with crispy oyster mushrooms 38
 • with chicken 38

Baked eggplant/ ragout from chickpeas and tomatoes/ nut butter/ yogurt 41 WEGE, G/F

Spinach Ravioli with buffalo ricotta/ creamy tarragon sauce/ bread-parmesan crumble 41 VEGE

Pork chop/ mashed potatoes/ fried cabbage with bacon 42

Tiramisu 22

Creamy cheesecake/ blackcurrant mousse 22 G/F

• Despite our best efforts, foods labeled G/F may contain traces of gluten.