Daily menu

Soup & main dish 37
Compote 5

Cold sweet corn soup 12 VEGE, G/F

Falafel with pita and vegetables 31 VEGE

Roast turkey/ chanterelles/ pearl couscous 31

Watermelon gazpacho 12 VEGAN, G/F

Zucchini quiche/ smoked tofu/ tomatoes 31 VEGE

Crispy chicken with rice/ Thai sauce 31

Pepper and tomato cream 12 VEGAN

Thai rice noodles with vegetables 31 VEGE, G/F

Pork gyros 31

Lemon soup 12 VEGE

Yellow vegetable curry/ couscous 31 VEGE

Steamed chicken fillet/vegetable salsa 31

Gazpacho with avocado, cucumber and mint 12 VEGAN, G/F

Risotto with smoked tofu/ vegetables 31 VEGE, G/F

Fish&chips 31

Minced cutlets/ young potatoes/ fresh cucumber salad 31

Cold yogurt soup 23 VEGE

Cream of zucchini/ coconut milk/ green curry/ roasted black lentil 23 VEGAN, G/F

Caesar’s salad classic 36
 • with crispy oyster mushrooms 38
 • with chicken 38

Baked eggplant/ ragout from chickpeas and tomatoes/ nut butter/ vegan buttermilk 41 VEGAN, G/F

Tagliolini/ zucchini/ chanterelles/ thyme/ white wine butter sauce/ parmesan 44

Pork chop/ young potatoes/ fresh cucumber salad 42

Tiramisu 22

Creamy cheesecake/ blackcurrant mousse 22 G/F

• Despite our best efforts, foods labeled G/F may contain traces of gluten.